Fire Hydrant Testing

hydrant6JPD Civil Limited  undertakes fire hydrants flow and pressure testing in accordance with BS 9990 inclusive of BS 5306 part 1.


The Standard outlines the level of service fire hydrants should be maintained to allow it to meet the demands imposed in the event of a fire. Fire hydrant flow testing and condition assessment is essential to ensure their optimum performance at all times and provides evidence of compliance with your fire certificate.

hydrant9The fire hydrant testing procedure involves logging the pressure and establishing the maximum sustainable flow rate from each fire hydrant. The condition of each fire hydrant and associated chamber is assessed and recorded in accordance with the BS 9990 inspection criteria.

Following the completion of the fire hydrant test a detailed report will be compiled on the findings. Our aim is to provide a simple but comprehensive set of results, which clearly show the performance of each fire hydrant and identifies where any remedial works are required.